What Is The Difference Between Blender And Food Processor

Both blenders and food processors can chop and mix food right? So, what is the difference between two?. Can you use a blender the same as you would use a food processor?. These two kitchen appliances have been used for years and they might look similar to many people who look at them as simple appliances that use their blade to obliterate solid food. But there are some important differences that should make choosing between two quite simple.

What Blenders Can Do?

Blenders are used to mix or blend liquids and soft foods. They are great tool for quickly pureeing ingredients to a uniform and smooth texture. A blender turns fruits or vegetables into smoothie-like consistency with a high-speed rotating blade that does not separate the liquid from the pulpy parts of the food. While blenders are usually known for making smoothies and shakes, they can also do more. Blenders can crush ice, and can also help to create certain sauces and dressings.

What Blenders Can’t Do?

Blenders have blades that are not designed to chop down food with higher resistance. Although some blenders can be used to chop almonds and breadcrumbs, they can not chop onions, meats and other foods the way a food processor does. The shape of a blender usually helps in the task of processing soft food and liquids, but it damages it when it comes to processing harder foods.

Food Processors

Food processors can do somewhat of the same thing as what the blender does, but are better for recipes that you don’t need as much of a liquid consistency for. They are in handy for chopping chicken, grating cheese, slicing veggies and many have a kneading function for dough. Food processors have more wider blade and are different than that of a blender. The strength of the blade and the shape of food processors usually make it feel that these are better for processing pretty much any type of food.

Food processors comes in many different designs and sizes, If you are thinking of purchasing, choose the one with powerful motor and larger in size. A good food processor should be able to chop food within seconds and it is going to be a great aid whenever you are preparing meals that need a lot of chopped vegetables.

Downside of Food Processors

Food processors are more bigger and take up larger space in kitchen compare to blenders. Since blenders are mostly used to blend liquids they are easy to clean. On the other hand a food processor is used to chop and to grind, and this will make it so that there are always food leftover in it, which will give you a hard time when it comes to cleaning up the food processor. Food processor may not perform as well when it comes to pureeing food to an even texture. Many people prefer to use their blenders for tasks such as making soups, because they are better at pulverising and liquidising ingredients.


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