Safety Tips For Your Humidifier

Here are some safety tips in using a humidifier:

1. Follow instructions given in the manual for assembling and handling. If there is filter, consult the manual for further instructions.

2. Always ensure that your hands are dry when installing and handling the power unit. Keep the power outlet away from any form of liquid or dampness (i.e. bathroom.

3. Place the humidifier on a level surface. Ensure that the position of the humidifier is stable. This prevents accidents due to collapse or fall of machine.

4. When water is boiling (in warm mist humidifier), prevent tipping over by warning others beforehand. Keep children away from the device at all times.

5. Use a hygrometer to determine the appropriate level of humidity. Dust mites are more prevalent in overly humid conditions. Maintaining a healthy humidity level will keep them at bay.

6. Remember to turn off the power outlet and unplug the cord when you conduct your routine maintenance cleaning.

7. Always clean and maintain your humidifier properly. Check the humidistat, float, fan and evaporative pad at times to see whether they need replacement.

When using a humidifier, these are the general safety reminders that you should bear in mind. Do not compromise on your safety or health by tolerating the use of a dirty and bacteria-laden device. You and your family deserve the best!


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