Omega 4000 Stainless-Steel Continuous Pulp-Ejection Juicer Review

The Omega 4000 juicer is an extremely powerful juicer boasting 250 watts of continues juicing. This an extremely compact and portable juicer allowing you to use it at home or carry it with you to the office. The motor is 1/3 horsepower. It has the capability of running at 5200 rpms. This juicer is capable of juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables without a problem. The power of the motor ensures the ability to juice about anything.

The Omega 4000 features a large feed chute so that you can fit large chunks or whole fruits or vegetables into the machine. This helps reduce your preparation time and allows the whole juicing process to occur much quicker. This juicer was designed with the user’s value of time in mind. The juice also dispenses directly into a glass. There is no need to add another piece of equipment to be cleaned. The pulp collector catches all of your pulp so that you can dispose of it accordingly. The machine is easy and quick to clean. Basically, the Omega 4000 juicer is everything that you need in your basic juicer. It exhibits both speed and power to make great tasting juices for your healthy lifestyle.


  • Powerful, commercial grade 1/3 horsepower motor rips through the task of juicing in half the time as most juicers, extracting the most amount of juice in minimal time.
  • Clean-up couldn’t be easier. Pulp automatically ejects into the bin in the back of the juicer. Simply dump the pulp when container is full and continue use.
  • Economical. Since the juicer is so efficient and productive, you’ll get the greatest amount of juice from the least amount of produce.
  • Large feed chute juice dispenses directly into glass or container

Omega 4000 Stainless-Steel 1/3-HP Continuous Pulp-Ejection Juicer

An Omega 4000 juicer is very well build and is very sturdy. The spinning drum on the Omega 4000 juicer is cone shaped which allows the machine to have smooth operation. Basically, it doesn’t rattle and shake like other models of juicers due to pulp getting trapped in the sides etc. The Omega 4000 was just better designed that a lot of other juicers.

Omega 4000 juicers indicate that users are happy with the appearance and functionality of the juicer. The users feel that the motor is kind of loud, but it is powerful. Omega 4000 users feel that it’s better to have more power in a juicer versus having a wimpy quiet juicer. The cleaning is really easy to clean and will take about 5 minutes for every day juicing. Some users did mention that the ejection tunnel gets clogged up with pulp every now and then. But, this is where thorough cleaning comes into play. If you want your juicer to run efficiently, then you must maintain and clean the machine properly

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