Cool Mist Humidifier vs Warm Mist Humidifier

Cool Mist
A cool mist humidifier break water into tiny droplets without heating and it sprays into the air as cool mist.


  • It is much easy to clean
  • It is effective for large areas
  • As it sprays cool mist, it is good for warmer climate
  • Cool mist makes it easier to breathe and does not make the place humid
  • Safer for homes with small children as the water does not boil
  • Certain models reduces dust particles in the air


  • As the water is unheated, the humidifier can become a breeding ground for fungi, harmful germs and molds
  • Slightly noisier than warm mist units due to the fan noise
  • Cool mist can feel slightly cool and clammy at certain room temperatures

Warm Mist
Warm mist produces warm, soothing mist that you can see and feel. These humidifiers cool the steam before releasing the water droplets as a warm mist instead of real steam.


  • A warm-mist humidifier boils the water, thus killing off the germs, fungi and mold that can grow in the appliance.
  • As it produces warm vapors it is great for treating cold and flu
  • More quiet than most cool mist units (although they can produce a boiling noise)
  • Warm mist is more comfortable in cooler climates, especially during winter
  • As it heats the water and boils it, the steam that is produces will be much cleaner and germ free


  • It requires frequent cleaning and most difficult to clean, as the boiling water leaves mineral deposits behind
  • It is only able to cover a smaller area than a cool mist
  • As it is warm mist, it tends to leave the room feeling slightly humid
  • As it needs the water to heat or boil, this could be harmful to children

The choice between the cool mist and warm mist depends on personal choice and also the climate one is living in. Take the time to look at your surrounding environment and what you will need the humidifier to function as.


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