Best Blenders in India

A blender is very useful kitchen appliance that helps in mixing up a variety of ingredients. Blender can perform a variety of task; for example, a blender can chop, dice, and combine vegetables into a delicious casserole or puree fruit and yogurt into a drinkable mixture. Blenders can be used to make smoothies, milkshakes, dressings, sauces, soups, and among many other things. Blenders reduce preparation time and encourage healthier eating as fruits and vegetables are tasty when properly blended.

Types Of Blenders

There are main two types of blenders that you can buy, immersion blenders which are handheld blenders and other is traditional kitchen top blenders also known as jug blenders. If kitchen counter space is not an issue for you, then consider buying a jug blenders. They are generally used for making smoothies, blending protein shakes, sauces, frozen drinks and can even be used for making hummus. Jug blenders consists of a motor and a fan housed inside the appliance’s base along with a spinning blade attachment. Some modern Jug blenders have up to 16 speeds. While most of us won’t require this many and should look for blenders that offer basic speeds like slow, medium, and fast.

The Immersion Blender also known as hand held blender have become quiet popular in India, due to many TV chefs using this type of blender. Immersion blender are also cheaper compare to jug blenders. Hand held blenders are best for pureeing or blending small batches of food right in a bowl you are using. There are some Immersion blenders that come with various chopping accessories which really does increase their function. You should avoid using hand held blenders to crush ice or other hard foods.

Features To Look When Purchasing a Blender

With the many models, brands and sizes of kitchen blenders loitering the market the market, it is easy to be overwhelmed and get confused in trying to decide which brand or model which prove to be the best blender for accomplishing different kitchen chores. To help you narrow down your options and find the ideal one within the shortest time possible, we have discussed some factors that we think will be of immense help to you in finding the perfect high power blender.

Cordless or a cord Blender?
If you are anything like me that like moving about in the kitchen while blending with little or no restrictions, then you will certainly want to give this factor a prime consideration before making any final decision. Cordless blenders allows you move around freely while mixing together your different food ingredients without the limitations imposed by the cord of a corded blender. On the other hand, cord blenders are the ones that comes attached with power cord to be plugged into an electric wall socket. Now with a cord kitchen blender, you a limited in terms of mobility by how long the power cord is. So if you mind being constrain into a certain radius as allowed by the power cord attached to the blender, then you will want to opt for the cordless ones.

Speed is one of the important features in any type of blenders. There are many modern blenders on the market that gives wide range of speeds to choose from, but they are not necessarily the best one. It all depends upon your need. In most case, just three speed settings are more than enough to get the job done.

Power Matters
A well powered blender can offer you years of valuable assistance in the kitchen, while an under powered one will almost always lead to disappointment. A blender without adequate power may simply stop working or just give you uneven results (such as large chunks still present in your smoothly blended soup). While the watts are a good indicator of power, keep in mind that this measurement only refers to the amount of electricity used to power the blender. A more efficient blender motor will need less watts to operate while still providing the power you seek. So use the watts to get a general idea, but when you are looking at the higher-end blenders remember efficiency also matters.

Think about what you intend to use your blender for to decide which size is right for you. Jar size varies greatly from blender to blender. Some prefer small individual sized models while others want to be able to prepare blended items for the entire family. Think carefully about your size needs now to avoid disappointment in the future.

Removable Blade
Having a removable blade is important because it allows for thorough cleaning. Food and other particles can get stuck underneath the blade of the blender and if it isn’t removed, can cause bacteria to grow, which can create health problems. If the blade isn’t removable, users should ensure that the jar is dishwasher safe so that the extreme heat of the water sanitizes everything that cannot be reached with a dish brush and hot, soapy water.

Material of Blending Jar
Different blenders have different jar materials with the most common ones being; plastic, glass and. Make no mistake as each of these types comes with their own advantages and disadvantages and thus, you will want to conduct your own diligent research before zeroing in on your final choice. The ones with the plastic jars although cheap and also not easily broken or destroy has the disadvantage of retaining food odor and colors which when later used for a different food preparation can contaminate both the new food aroma and color. The glass ones are easy to wash and it also does not retain food stains and aroma easily. However, it has the disadvantage of being broken easily if mistakenly hit or dropped on hard surfaces. Because of this, it may not be safe for kids of certain again limit to operate. The ones that are designed with jars are the modern and latest inventions and considered the best jars as they are neither easily broken or get stained easily with food colors. However, they are a bit expensive than the others


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